How To Change Your Beliefs (This Trick Will Change Your Life)

Beliefs are a difficult thing. We all believe that we are fully aware of this guide to how we move through life. We have political beliefs, beliefs about how to raise children, religious beliefs. The list is endless.

But then there are other beliefs that are hidden.

I call these beliefs invisible scripts – truths so ubiquitous and ingrained in society that we do not even realize that they guide our attitudes and behavior. Like water for a fish, they surround us, even if we don’t know.

It may be harrowing that you have hidden beliefs that guide your behavior, but I have good news – you can change them! But before we get to that, let’s see how these invisible scripts work.

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How these hidden beliefs control your life

I can almost guarantee that you have some deeply ingrained beliefs that you don’t even know about.

Here are some examples:

“I should buy a house”

“I should be married at 30”

“I have to go to college to be successful.”

Let me ask this question: where did these beliefs come from?

Some reflect our societal values, while others can be the result of peer pressure. In either case, these hidden beliefs need to be brought into our consciousness so that we can decide whether or not they will serve us.

That brings me to my next point about these invisible scripts – they can either be helpful or harmful. In fact, there are some that you could really believe in, even if you find they are invisible scripts.

Take the invisible script that Ramit inherited from his parents, which made him appreciate education. Ramit came from a childhood when he and his family had to be very careful about their expenses. But somehow, whenever there was an educational cost, his parents found a way to pay for it.

In this situation, Ramit noticed a hidden belief that actually helped him get to his chosen destination, so he kept it.

That’s fine, as long as you realize that any invisible script you adopt has the power to shape your life tremendously – especially when it comes to money. Over time, certain negative scripts become trapped, and their ability to hold you back increases significantly.

Now let’s examine how to identify and overcome your invisible scripts.

5 steps to identify and overcome these beliefs

Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you identify and ultimately overcome invisible scripts that are causing obstacles in your life.

Step 1: what is really important in your life?

This is an important step. Before we can decide which hidden beliefs serve us and which hinder us, we need to be clear about what we want.

For many people, they may have goals like finding a romantic partner or finding another job or financial security. It can even be so easy to have more fun!

You don’t have to check your whole life on this step. Just think about what to expect in the next year or two. Then let’s continue with step 2.

Step 2: who are the people who have what I want?

Next, you need to think carefully about what types of people actually have the things listed above.

It is very likely that your psychological defense mechanisms will come into play during this step. It is therefore important to reserve your own judgment and find out honestly who these people are.

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Step 3: Write down the differences between you and these people

After you’ve written down the assumptions you have about the differences between these people and you, I want you to think differently.

I want you to ask yourself what if these assumptions are incorrect?

For example, if you want to go out four times a week and think about what kind of people are doing this, you might say something like, “So you’re saying, I have to hang out with some idiots and spend thousands of dollars a night? “

Woah, nobody says that!

This is known as the extreme range barrier because you immediately assume you are achieving something that you will have to go to the limit. That’s not true at all.

After you’ve written down all of your assumptions, ask yourself what if we can just take these away?

Step 4: Ask yourself what if these assumptions are incorrect?

Some of the assumptions you may make fall into specific areas. One of them is called “natural error”.

You can say this person is just a natural, or went to that school, or lived in this town. This is to explain to you how someone else got what you want and what not.

Natural tones are very, very rare. And what you find natural is usually someone who has spent a lot of time building a skill.

If you shed assumptions like the natural, all that remains is that, as a person who got what you want, you just haven’t taken the specific steps.

Step 5: Eliminate Common Mistakes and Look for Others

One of the deepest invisible helper scripts is “This Is Always How It Is Made” This is one of the more dangerous ones because there is so much history that drives the hidden beliefs.

We have all been given the phrases and code words that reinforce these beliefs by our parents and grandparents. Here are some invisible scripts based on the “it’s always done” fallacy.

“I’m 27, I should have my own apartment now”

“I should work harder”

“Online dating is for crazy people”

Can you think of others If so, write them down. If you are only aware of the invisible script, then you can break free of its shackles.

Finally take control of your habits

These hidden beliefs at their core are just habits of the mind. With the information in this post, you now have a step-by-step opportunity to master your beliefs.

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