Lockdown 2, trip and your cash

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We all saw it coming, but Lockdown 2 was just officially announced. We wanted to give you near real-time information to make sure you could plan your finances as quickly as possible.

  1. What is Lockdown 2?
  2. Vacation is extended
  3. The job retention scheme is being expanded
  4. Mortgage holidays are given a six month extension
  5. Company grants for lockdown 2
  6. Independent support
  7. Lockdown measures for Scotland, Wales and Ireland
  8. Total lock 2 rules
  9. Do you have any questions for us?

What is Lockdown 2?

It seemed inevitable – and it turns out that it is. We are facing a second national lockdown for one month from November 2nd, 2020 to December 2nd, 2020. The lockdown could also be extended – just like the first. The aim is to reduce the number of COVID-19 infections in order to protect UK citizens from the virus and the NHS so that they are not overwhelmed in an always busy winter season.

At the time of writing, there are still a few things to be announced. We will keep you updated as things develop!

Vacation extension

The good news for those concerned about losing their jobs on the last day of the vacation program (today) is that they can stay on the program for another month. Better still, employers don’t have to bring in the 20% wage they paid in October.

That is, the government pays 80% of wages – just like in August. Your employer still has to pay your social security and pension contributions (as in August). This means companies are doing better now than they were in the October phase of the program.

You can go on vacation even if you’ve never been on vacation. Your employer can use the vacation program in November if he has not used it before. As long as you were on the RTI payroll on October 23, 2020, you can look forward to November. Remember, if you are a new starter it does not mean your CONTRACT DATE was before the 23rd. Your accounting team MUST have submitted your employee status to HMRC by midnight on the 23rd.

Flexible vacation is extended

Employers can also take advantage of flexible leave (the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme or CJRS) as part of the new affordable version of the system. This means they can get you back to work for a few hours, and the government pays 80% of the wages for the hours you don’t work. Your employer MUST pay you full wages for all hours you work – and they are responsible for your social security and pension contributions for the full contract (not just the hours you work).

Mortgage Vacation Extensions

Apply for a six month mortgage vacation extension in Lockdown 2

That is a big problem. The Financial Conduct Authority is due to officially announce this on Monday, but it has already been published in government guidelines.

If you have already applied for mortgage leave, you can request an extension of your agreed leave by six months.

Those who have not yet applied for a mortgage leave can apply for a six-month leave from Monday. Wait for it to be official – lenders will take a day or two to get their processes started – but it should be up and running very soon!

Remember: this mortgage vacation won’t hurt your credit rating. However, the time you fail to pay will continue to accrue interest, which can add to the cost of your total mortgage owed. However, the price here is minimal given the short-term benefits (less stress is one of the big ones) of vacationing.

The FCA has not yet officially proposed that other consumer loans, such as credit cards and auto finance, extend their payment freezes. However, this announcement is expected to follow shortly.

Company grants for lockdown 2

Existing finance such as bounce-back loans will continue to be offered to businesses.

Companies in England that are forced to close due to Lockdown 2 can apply for a local grant based on their pro-rated site value.

  • If the pro rata value is £ 15,000 or less, up to £ 1,334 per month (or £ 667 every two weeks) will be granted.
  • Properties with a pro rata value between £ 15,000 and £ 51,000 will receive £ 2,000 per month (or £ 1,000 every two weeks).
  • Individuals with a pro rata value greater than £ 51,000 will receive grants of £ 3,000 per month (or £ 1,500 every two weeks).

Independent support

At the time of writing, there was no further information on expanding or expanding the self-employed support system. So far we know as before:

  • The third SEISS scholarship will open on November 1st
  • You must have been affected by coronavirus in your company as of November 1, 2020 to be eligible
  • At least 50% of your income must come from self-employment
  • You must have a tax return for 2018/19
  • The grant is 40% of your average monthly profit for the tax years 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19
  • Your average annual income for these three years must be less than £ 50,000

There is also a fourth SEISS grant in February 2021, the details of which are yet to be announced.

If you were not previously entitled to the SEISS grant, you are not entitled to this third grant. You may also not be eligible for this grant if, for example, business has been picking up in the past few months and you have not been affected by November 1, 2020 (or not as it will be in the future!).

Actions in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

The decentralized administrations receive funds to further support the companies. How they will use the money earmarked for them by the Chancellor, as outlined in today’s announcement, is not yet known. We will update this section as soon as we have more information.

The vacation program can and will apply to all decentralized administrations. However, corporate grants are set on a regional basis.

What are the rules for Lockdown 2?

Lockdown 2 begins on Thursday, November 5th, at one second past midnight. (Then our fireworks night is canceled!).

The rules of Lockdown 2 are pretty similar to the original March lockdown. However, there are some big differences:

  • Schools, colleges, kindergartens and universities will remain open
  • ALL outbound travel from the UK is prohibited except for work purposes
  • Travel is highly recommended for work purposes only
  • You can meet someone from outside your household for outdoor sports if social distancing is observed
  • Single person households can select a household with which they would like to receive additional support

It took a while for these last two points to go into effect with the first lock, but they are officially in effect at the start of lock 2.

The other rules are similar to the first ban:

  • Individuals who are clinically at risk or who are over the age of 60 should minimize contact with other people where possible, except for care or other assistance
  • Non-essential businesses have to close
  • All pubs, bars and restaurants must close, but takeaways and deliveries are allowed
  • Work from home wherever possible. If this is not possible, your employer may choose to take you on leave (if you are eligible).
  • All services must stop, but private services are allowed
  • They are not allowed to mingle with other households in the house except for childcare and care requirements.

This Lockdown 2 is expected to end on December 2nd – but like the first, we could see it extended. This means that all of the financial plans mentioned here may (or may not) be extended. It is currently planned to end the lockdown using the tiered system that has been in place for a few months.

Do you have any questions for us?

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