The perfect recession-proof careers

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Economic security is never certain. Many people in many industries have unfortunately realized that a recession or, in the case of this year, a pandemic will mean the end of their careers. Not because they are unable to, but because of the financial pressure their business or work area is feeling. Have a secure job, invest onlineor large savings can protect you all during a recession.

However, if you’ve been hit hard by a recession and have either lost your job or are new to the job market and looking for a career that is “recession-proof”, you’re in luck. There are a number of fields that still chug well during a recession.

Health care

Even during a recession, healthcare doesn’t stop, and seriously, it can’t stop. Proper health care is a constant need even in the worst financial times, and jobs are plentiful Careers in Healthcare this fits most levels of education and qualification.

The current COVID-19 pandemic is an obvious example of declining economies that are not impacting healthcare. People get sick regardless of the economy, and tough financial times add to poor public health too. Health care companies are also one of the least affected companies as, as mentioned above, people always need health care.


Similar to healthcare, education doesn’t stop during a recession. Yes, some schools suffer, but the number of children attending schools doesn’t suddenly decrease or go away.

Many school teachers are also part of unions which makes the position more secure as eliminating the jobs is much more difficult. Even if the worst result occurs and no apprenticeship positions are available, teaching assistant and substitute teacher positions are always available.

Public utilities

To become a plumber or an electrician, you have to go to school and study for it, but it’s another brilliant sector that is recession-proof. While a recession hampers people’s ability to afford certain services, if you have a major problem with the plumbing or electrical system, most of the time you can’t “live” with it.

Similar to healthcare and education, the need for these services does not stop regardless of economic circumstances. People are more likely to afford a professional to fix their plumbing or power issues than buying a new geyser, installing a new shower, etc.

Courier and logistics services

Another sector that just doesn’t stop is the freight, courier and logistics sectors. Regardless of what happens to the economy, goods still need to be transported and moved, whether from country to country or within the country.

Whether it is truck drivers, couriers, or even a desk job within the sector, the jobs are almost always protected from economic uncertainty simply because the services are always needed.

police officer

The police is another sector that is almost completely protected from a recession. Recession does not suddenly make a country safer, and it is impossible to remove the need for the police force.

Unfortunately, crime has been shown to increase during a recession as people have less money and become more desperate. It is definitely a terrible aftermath of the recession, but that is still why cops and cops are needed.

public safety

Police officers aren’t the only civil servants who can survive a recession. Security guards, private security, fire brigades, etc. are still needed and deployed during a recession. Again, these people’s place of work can change, but their services are still needed.

Firefighters are prime examples of this. Fires don’t care if there’s a recession or not. They still perform worldwide. If this is a world that you are interested in, it will be easy for people of different skills and educational levels too, as training is usually offered.

Food services

Being a waiter, cook, or anything like that isn’t technically evidence of a recession, but the skills you possess enable you to work in multiple sectors. Yes, restaurants close during the recession, but these aren’t the only places to practice your profession or skills.

Other restaurants, hotels, BnBs need cooks, waiters, dishwashers and managers Your options are pretty broad When the restaurant you are currently working in needs to close. As I said, the jobs aren’t necessarily recession-proof, but the skills you have.

Grocery store employee

The world of grocery stores actually offers a wide variety of items. Whether shelf packer, cashier. Buyers, managers, drivers, back room staff. There are many positions for different skills and experience levels. Therefore, this sector is a good choice for someone looking for their first job or who needs to change jobs.

Once again, some grocery stores are closing, but not only can the bigger chains afford to survive a recession, but they can also afford to keep basically all of their employees busy. This goes back to the common theme of this post that these services are still needed regardless of what the economy is doing.

As you can see, there are a multitude of jobs available for someone who needs a new job during a recession or is concerned about how a recession will affect their current job. The jobs address multiple skills and experience levels and there is something for everyone.

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